Global South Leads Bitcoin Adoption: Ready to Welcome the Next Billion Bitcoiners!

– Bitcoin had a defining year in 2022 and is at a turning point for 2023.
– The Global South is leading Bitcoin adoption and further growth is expected in Africa.
– The divide between Bitcoin and other currencies will continue to grow.

As we look back on the year 2022, it’s clear that Bitcoin has had a defining year and that we are at a turning point. All eyes are on us as the Bitcoin community and it’s our responsibility to educate people and governments about the real-life use cases that Bitcoin can offer. This will allow money to flow freely and include billions more into the global economy, and I’m ready to onboard the next billion Bitcoiners.

The Global South, especially Africa, is leading the way in terms of Bitcoin adoption. I just returned from the Africa Bitcoin Conference in Ghana, which was an incredibly inspiring event that brought together pan-Africa and international leaders to talk about the purpose of Bitcoin over its price. During this event, our team at the Built With Bitcoin Foundation opened the Bitcoin Technology Center (BTC) in Kumasi, Ghana, which will educate 400 people in its first year. Even in a bear market, trade volume in Africa continues to press forward due to the necessity of Bitcoin on the continent. The cheaper and more efficient solution that Bitcoin provides makes it a great option for people to send money back home, make payments, and preserve their wealth.

It’s also clear that the divide between Bitcoin and other currencies will continue to grow. Bitcoin is backed by human work and has proven its utility throughout the years. It has a finite supply and its use cases are becoming more and more evident. As people become more educated about Bitcoin and its benefits, the divide between it and other currencies will continue to increase.

As we look ahead to the year 2023, I’m ready to welcome the next billion Bitcoiners and I’m confident that the Global South will continue to lead the way in terms of Bitcoin adoption. It’s clear that Bitcoin is starting to cut the dead weight of speculation, and I’m excited to see what the future holds for Bitcoin and the world of cryptocurrency.